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About Us

Innovative. Reliable. Evolutionary. Adaptable, scalable and customisable, our turnkey sports broadcasting solutions have been kicking goals in the industry for more than 15 years.

Our clients.

Top tier broadcasters in Australia, Europe and the Americas use our bespoke proprietary technologies to enhance viewer experience with leading edge 3D graphics, award-winning animations, virtual fly-overs, event simulations, real-time sports tracking and in-depth commentary visualisation tools.

What we do.

We specialise in building sports broadcasting systems that do exactly what you need, when you need it. Our technology is designed to evolve with your event and requirements, incorporating the latest technological advances to help you set new benchmarks for sports telecasting excellence.

The clear benefits of using Virtual Spectator include:

  • Extremely experienced crew
  • Robust, tried and tested system architecture
  • Expertly engineered database structure designed with the efficiencies required for real time broadcasting
  • Power to display complex historical data instantly
  • Ability to reduce costs by including enhancements that limit the need for additional companies/personnel on site
  • Continuous product development and improvements
  • High quality multiple graphics feeds
  • Multiple additional information feeds, broadcast anywhere on ground.


Our strong customer focus and ability to scale and modify our production systems to events of every size and budget has made us an indispensable partner for some of the world’s most high profile sports, including the PGA Tour, Wimbledon, America’s Cup, Cricket Australia and the Olympics.

Virtual Spectator has been part of the Investors Guaranty Group since 2003.

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    Give spectators an unrivalled experience of their favourite game

    Our Analyser commentary tool is easy for on-air talent to use yet sophisticated enough to deliver the in-depth analysis and technical information your viewers crave.

    With high-definition graphics, on-demand data and a touchscreen control interface, you can create an impressive range of commentaries on the fly to entertain and engage your audience instantly.

    The Virtual Spectator Analyser tool is an efficient, purpose-built system that can be adapted to grow with a broadcast overtime. It evolves with you, inviting viewers to see their favourite sport in a new, multi-dimensional light.

    Find out how our Analyser software can lift your commentary’s game.
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    Deliver a sporting experience that both entertains and informs

    We specialise in designing and building tailored sports broadcasting packages for high-profile events and broadcasters both locally and overseas.

    Our end-to-end solutions put the latest technologies in the hands of our clients, so they can produce remarkable, engaging events that capture the true spirit of the game.

    Services include intuitive user-friendly software and sophisticated proprietary engines for delivering:

    • Real-time High Definition 3D graphics
    • Sports tracking
    • VR 3D animations and simulations
    • Game and player information
    • Complex historical and event data
    • Statistical Management
    • Commentary box data feeds
    • Dynamic updates
    • Internet feeds
    • Information from multiple external data sources.

    We’ve designed CG Services for high profile sports broadcasters, including:

    • Cricket Australia
    • Horse Racing Australia
    • PGA Tour

    Virtual Spectator. Where sports meet technology.
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    We’re setting new benchmarks for affordable, high quality Virtual Camera Tracking

    We’re the experts in Virtual Insertion services, using our state-of-the-art virtual camera tracking technology to insert lifelike 3D objects directly onto the field or billboards so seamlessly your audience will never know the difference.

    Help your sponsors get their message across in a consistent manner – every time. Our proprietary software and hardware is able to interpret data from a live HD camera head, anchoring your desired graphic to the live footage, wherever it’s required.

    Our Virtual Insertions are only limited by your imagination – and they offer a more affordable and flexible solution than on-ground advertising.
    Use them for:

    • Virtual advertising
    • Virtual distance markers
    • Virtual finish lines
    • Sponsorship information
    • Event data
    • Product placements.

    Send your audience all the right messages, virtually.
    Get a Virtual Insertion solution by calling +61 3 8512 6944 now.


    Vital on-screen event data, literally at your fingertips

    We’ve designed our QuikDraw Telestrator for commentators who want the ultimate control over their data and need to convey essential information to their audience in a comprehensive and engaging way.

    Incredibly easy to use, this high-quality touchscreen tool can be effortlessly controlled with a finger or stylus for immediately, customisable results.

    QuikDraw’s simple interface means each commentator can create their own personalised toolset to convey real-time data to viewers using a more visually exciting and thought-provoking technique.

    Get a customisable, hands-on viewer engagement solution.
    Discover more about QuikDraw Telestrator today. Call +61 3 8512 6944 now.


    Manage your sports content, effortlessly.

    Powerful, flexible and user-friendly, our Content Management System offers a consistent strategy for delivering your sports content to where it needs to go most.

    A CG with content management built in, it lets you control, build and schedule media for broadcast easily. You can:

    • Build our CMS into data feeds from internal and external data suppliers to put content at your fingertips in an instant
    • Drive sponsor content, social media and sports statistics for display
    • Create sponsor reports to audit ad view numbers.

    Built to create great sporting stories using the latest technologies, the Virtual Spectator CMS is designed for broadcasters wanting the best in quality, innovation and affordability.

    Take a consistent, dependable approach to all your sports content needs.
    Ask us to tailor a unique CMS solution for you. Call +61 3 8512 6944 today.

  • Broadcast Trailer

    Virtual Spectator outside broadcast trailers are fully equipped and ready to go where you need them most. They feature cutting-edge hardware and software that’s revolutionising the way audiences watch sport.

    Hire them with our expert technical staff on board or install your own team for a seamless, mobile broadcast facility that can handle all your CG, analysis and live action experiences.

    Integrate additional data sources as required – from data visualisation to custom CG, player histories to super slow-mo replays, on screen data manipulation and real time graphics. We also offer specialised broadcasting equipment for hire, as needed.

    Take our broadcast trailers for a test run today.

    Call +61 3 8512 6944 for a tailored mobile broadcast solution that speaks volumes to your viewers.


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